Ocean Vuong

Thơ Mỗi Ngày

By Ocean Vuong
Ocean Vuong is a Vietnamese-born poet. His first collection, “Night Sky with Exit Wounds,” is due out next year.
Note: Trên Tin Văn đã giới thiệu Ocean Vuong, qua bài thơ xử VC
Ocean Vuong
The Photo
After the infamous 1968 photograph of a Viet Cong officer executed by South Vietnam's national police chief. 
What hurts the most
is not how death
is made permanent
by the cameras flash
the irony of sunlight
on gunmetal
but the hand gripping the pistol
is a yellow hand,
and the face squinting
behind the barrel
a yellow face.
Like all photographs this one fails
to reveal the picture.
Like where the bullet
entered his skull
the phantom of a rose
leapt into light, or how
after smoke cleared
from behind the fool
with blood on his cheek
and the dead dog by his feet
a white man
was lighting a cigarette.




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