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She was more beautiful than the sun

and I wasn't even 16 years old.

24 have passed

and she's still at my side.



Sometimes I see her walking

over the mountains: she's the guardian angel

of our prayers.

She's the dream that recurs



with the promise and the whistle.

The whistle that calls us

and loses us.

In her eyes I see the faces



of all my lost loves.

Oh, Muse, protect me, I say to her,

on the terrible days

of the ceaseless adventure.



Never pull away from me.

Take care of my steps and the steps

of my son Lautaro.

Let me feel your fingertips

once more over my spine,

pushing me, when everything is dark,

when everything is lost.

Let me hear the whistle again.



I am your faithful lover

though sometimes dreaming

pulls me away from you.

You're also the queen of those dreams.



You have my friendship every day

and someday

your friendship will draw me out of

the wasteland of forgetfulness.



 So even if you come

 when I go

 deep down we're

 inseparable friends.



 Muse, wherever I

 might go

 you go.

 I saw you in the hospitals



and in the line

of political prisoners.

I saw you in the terrible eyes

of Edna Lieberman


and in the alleys

of the gunmen.

And you always protected me!

In defeat and in triumph.



In unhealthy relationships

Ind in cruelty,

You were always with me.

And even if the years pass



and the Roberto Bolatio of la Alameda

and the Libreria de Cristal

is transformed,

is paralyzed,



becomes older and stupider

you'll stay just as beautiful.

More than the sun

and the stars.



Muse, wherever you

might go

I go.

I follow your radiant trail



across the long night.

Not caring about years

or sickness.

Not caring about the pain


or the effort I must make

to follow you.

Because with you I can cross

the great desolate spaces



and I'll always find the door

leading back

to the Chimera,

because you're with me,




more beautiful than the sun,

more beautiful

than the stars.


Roberto Bolano:

The Unknown University







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