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Happy Birthday GNV

  Sunday, August 10, 2014 6:02 PM Dear Gau Nha Van, Seagull is visiting Little Saigon. Meeting with Anh Phan Tan Hai. We miss you. Take care, Gau Nha Van. Best regards, Sent from my iPhone You painted Sài Gòn and Hà Nội in your readers' memory... Take care, Hải Âu. 16.8.2014 Crimson Mai 2 hours ago near London, United Kingdom chúc mừng sinh nhật anh, mong anh luôn an lành và gặp mọi điều tốt đẹp!     SN 2014 AFTERWORD Reading Graham Greene in the Twenty-First Century Monica Ali Note: GCC vô net, kiếm ra cái jacket của cuốn mới mua, xb 2011 Here, Greene receives the Catholic Book Award for the novel, The End of the Affair. Bạt Đọc Graham Greene trong thế kỷ 21 Đầu năm nay, trong khi dậy

Anna Akhmatova Tribute

Những bài thơ trong đây, đều có bản tiếng Anh, từ 1 số dịch giả khác, và bản tiếng Việt trên & & fb.   Robert Chandler   Anna Akhmatova, pseudonym of Anna Gorenko (1889-1966)   Anna Andreyevna Gorenko's father was a maritime engineer. She was born near Odessa, but her family moved to Tsarskoye Selo, near St Petersburg, before she was one year old. She began publishing poetry in her late teens; since her father considered this unrespectable, she adopted her grandmother's Tatar surname - Akhmatova. In her last years she wrote this of her name:   Dense, impenetrable, Tatar,   drawn from God knows when, it clings to every disaster, itself a doom without end.   In 1910 she married Nikolay Gumilyov, whom she had first met seven years earlier and who had encouraged her in her writing. She was a key member of Gumilyov's Guild of Poets and of the Acmeist movement into which it developed. Though Akhmatova always remained loya